Toshihiko SHIBUYA  
The Inside and The Outside
The Inside and The Outside
The Inside and The Outside
The Inside and The Outside
「絵画の場合 2012 ―最終章―」[In case of paintings2012]
出品作品: The Inside and The Outside/ Dance of The Wind

■2012年3月14日〜2012年4月1日 ■11:00〜19:00(最終日は17:00まで)
■北翔大学北方圏学術情報センター PORTO ポルトギャラリーA・B ■札幌市中央区南1条西22丁目1番1号
■主催:絵画の場合実行委員会 北翔大学北方圏学術情報センター美術プロジェクト
■後援:北海道 北海道教育委員会 札幌市 札幌市教育委員会

2012年はSNOW PALLETと並行して、テーマ「風」の新作に取り組んでおります。
2月のSNOW SCAPE MOERE7(Forest of Wind)ではモエレ沼公園を強烈に吹き抜ける強風をサイトスペシフィックなテーマとして200基のオブジェを設置し、今回はポルトギャラリーAの前面ガラス張りの特徴的構造に着目したガラス壁面を挟んだ内側と外側にまたがるかたちの設置を試みました。[Dance of The Wind] (The Inside and The Outside)
In this year of 2012, the new theme “Wind” in addition to the SNOW PALLET series is being worked on. 200 objects were installed as a site-specific art theme of “strong wind blows through Moerenuma park”. With SNOW SCAPE MOERE7(Forest of Wind)in February 2012 and at this time, installing the objects at the inside and the outside was tried out so that we can watch them through the glass wall focusing on a characteristic front glazed structure of Porto Gallery A. [Dance of the Wind] (The Inside and The Outside)
So that the object would not collapse by any strong winds, it was made a dual structure with glass fiber as the core and the core covered with urethane foam. At this time, there was the issue of assimilating the snowy ground without wind, and trying to deal with the trouble of matching construction material with the characteristic urethane foam, a porous material. As a result, this kind of distress related to the theme “Light and Colors” that I always pursue. The work shows a pastel color tone through the covered urethane foam because the core is painted with fluorescent paint, creating a color effect that is impossible to achieve if adopting hard material. Watching it against the light is an ideal way to appreciate it. So when it is daytime you should watch it from inside of the gallery and when it’s in the nighttime you should watch it from the outside. I suppose the reason why the object looks white under a blue and bright sky, and looks blue under a cloudy sky and at dusk is because of the change of wavelength of sunlight.
Outside objects move by the wind naturally. The look changes by the strength of the wind. Objects in the gallery flutter gently because fans are installed on the wall side. When spectators come near the object, it receives a strong wind and the object shows different kinds of movement. On the mezzanine floor of the gallery, we can watch the color of the cut end of the object which is impossible to see from downstairs.
To summarize, this work is at a stage of development because adopting construction material that usually never appears on front stage has new potential, but a lot of issues has to be overcome.

  Toshihiko SHIBUYA