Toshihiko SHIBUYA  
Generation II
Generation II Generation II
Generation II
Generation II
三笠奔別炭坑アートプロジェクト2013 -Coal mine Art Project-
■会期 2013年9月21日(土)〜11月3日(日)土日祝日の16日間の開催
■会場 三笠市旧住友奔別炭坑、積み出しホッパーとその周辺地域

−起源2−(副題、Circulation of the life-2)
今回は生命の起源として、透明なマップピン(丸ピン)を生殖卵に見立てます。ホッパー入口付近には前回には見られなかった2本の倒木があります。倒木の表面には多くのキノコが繁殖しています。わずかな苔も見られます。これらを支持体に、今回は透明なマップピン(丸ピン)を両生類の生殖卵と見立てて、設置しました。あるものは表皮の隙間に、あるものはきのこに寄り添うように、そして、しみ出た樹液か朝露のように 存在させてみました。

Toshihiko Shibuya Works “Generation”
There are two big fallen trees in the neighborhood of the broken warehouse of the coal mine. There were not these last year.
I think that these fell down by heavy snow of this winter.
Some mushrooms spread on these trees now.
Toshihiko Shibuya Works, “Generation” is inspired by the Circulation of the life (natural cycle). By installing spherical tiny clear pushpins on fallen trees I evoke images of spawning life. Perhaps you may look at them like dewdrops or saps. These pieces are installed to coexist with some mushrooms.
You may not find my work if you stare at the trees from far away.
Please approach to the trees. And, look for pieces. You will find them and small nature. The pins, which are painted hand with luminous paint, glow and shimmer as the light around them changes. The best time for viewing these impressive pieces in the natural environment is in the early morning, late evening or on a cloudy, rainy day. After sunset, the experience is fantastic.

  Toshihiko SHIBUYA