Toshihiko SHIBUYA  
“Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand
“Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand “Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand
“Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand
“Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand

“Water Pallet in Bangkok, Thailand”
Creative Hokkaido Meets Bangkok

■会期: 2014年11月20日  10:00am-6:00pm
■会場: Nikka Bar & Restaurant Yoichi
Address: 6/11 Soi Promsri, Klong Tan Nuea, Thawi Wattana, Bangkok
Art: Toshihiko Shibuya
Creative Direction: Taketo Oguchi (Clark Gallery + SHIFT)

As a key word “creative,” it’s the project “Creative Hokkaido” to promote new culture of Hokkaido to domestic in Japan and foreign (mainly in Asia), and aim to increase fans of Hokkaido. Started the activities from 2012, we have been promoted in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. And in 2014, hold it in Taipei and Bangkok.

In Bangkok, titled “Creative Hokkaido Meets Bangkok”, at The Nikka Bar & Restaurant Yoichi was opened newly in Bangkok.

In the place, Toshihiko Shibuya‘s art work “Water Pallet” was installed at the entrance to welcome guests in Bangkok on November 22nd.
A total of 19 steel objects were installed. Underwater type was four. Floating objects were four. Four pieces are able to move by wind and flow of the water. The bottoms of all objects were painted some bright colors. "The effect of the reflection" appears on water . And you are able to gaze the fantastic scenery from the evening by illumination.
Because “Water Pallet” in Bangkok is installed at long time, you can look at this work anytime.

  Toshihiko SHIBUYA